Ayurvedic Body Type Quiz

This quiz is a great way to discover which dosha is most predominant in you - Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. Keep in mind that we all possess all 3 doshas, but they are organized uniquely in each of us, so this quiz will show you how they stack up for you.  For each question, please select the answer which has been most true for you throughout your life. At the end of the quiz, click submit and your doshas will be calculated.

Do you have a slender, light and wiry body?
Do you have a medium-sized body with moderate muscle tone?
Do you have a stocky or large body?
Do you have small bones?
Do you have medium-sized bones?
Do you have large bones?
Do you have thin lips?
Do you have naturally red lips?
Do you have big, full lips?
Do you have small or angular eyes?
Do you have medium-sized eyes?
Do you have big, soft round eyes?
Is your eye color dark brown or black?
Is your eye color green, grey, hazel, or light brown?
Is your eye color blue?
Is your skin somewhat thin or dry?
Is your skin light or reddish perhaps prone to freckles or rashes?
Is your skin thick, smooth and luminous perhaps somewhat oily?
Are your nails brittle and do they break easily?
Are your nails thin, flexible and pink?
Are your nails thick?
Do you find it difficult to gain or hold onto weight?
Do you find that it’s easy to maintain your weight?
Do you tend to be overweight and have a difficult time shedding extra pounds?
Does your appetite vary with tendency to skip meals?
Do you have a robust appetite and become irritable if you miss a meal?
Is your appetite steady with a tendency to crave rich or sweet foods?
Do you prefer lots of vigorous exercise workouts several times a week?
Do you prefer actively participating in competitions or competitive sports for exercise?
Are you slow to get moving or motivated to exercise?
When stressed do you tend to be anxious, worried or indecisive?
When stressed do you become irritated, angry and critical?
When stressed do you become stubborn?
Are you a light sleeper or have trouble falling asleep?
Do you sleep well with vivid or intense dreams?
Are you a heavy sleeper with a tendency to over sleep?
Do you have a large variety of friends and acquaintances?
Do you make friends easily, often at work?
Do you prefer having only a few close friends?
Do cold, windy, or dry environments bother you?
Do hot environments bother you?
Do cold or humid environments bother you?
Do you spend money freely rather than save it?
Do you spend money on luxuries?
Do you spend money only when necessary preferring to save it?