• Slow Cooked Ghee for Keto

    March 7, 2019Butter & Bitters

    Ghee is one of the most important foods in Ayurveda because it’s an easy to digest fat that stays solid at room temperature and becomes liquid when warm. Ghee is excellent for nourishing depleted tissues. For instance, a little bit of ghee calms the liver when it is deficient and soothes the nervous system when…

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  • Basic Keto Muffins

    March 25, 2018Butter & Bitters

    Savory and sweet, these muffins go great with your morning coffee or tea.  They also make an excellent afternoon snack.

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  • Chicken Thighs with Red Palm Oil Pan Sauce

    January 29, 2018Butter & Bitters

    With a mild carrot-like flavor and a rich texture unrefined red palm oil is full of many health benefits and is one of the most nutritious edible oils in the world. Red palm oil is a rich dark red color in its unprocessed natural state and turns to liquid gold when melted in the pan.…

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  • Macadamia Nut Butter Bites

    December 20, 2017Butter & Bitters

    Delicious and easy to make.  A perfect quick snack packed with goodness!

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  • Keto Coffee

    June 11, 2017Butter & Bitters

    Coffee alone is a very bitter, acidic and stimulating beverage, which means it can have a depleting effect on your body. But adding butter and coconut oil helps to reduce this. Grass-fed, organic butter and nourishing unrefined coconut oil both contain stable healthy saturated fats that soothe the nerves and protect the stomach lining. Grass-fed,…

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  • Chocolate Cupcakes

    April 16, 2017Butter & Bitters

    Super rich and ultra decadent chocolate cupcakes.  A delicious treat!

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