Fat Bomb

  • Celery Stuffed with Spring Herb Goat Cheese

    March 10, 2019Butter & Bitters

    Goat cheese is a sour and somewhat dry cheese that is good for Kapha which is the dominate dosha in the springtime. Because goat cheese can cause mucus to form in the body it’s best consumed with spices that aid in digestion and counter mucus formation.  Oregano, basil, parsley, thyme and dill weed are wonderful…

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  • Macadamia Nut Butter Bites

    December 20, 2017Butter & Bitters

    Delicious and easy to make.  A perfect quick snack packed with goodness!

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  • Keto Coffee

    June 11, 2017Butter & Bitters

    Coffee alone is a very bitter, acidic and stimulating beverage, which means it can have a depleting effect on your body. But adding butter and coconut oil helps to reduce this. Grass-fed, organic butter and nourishing unrefined coconut oil both contain stable healthy saturated fats that soothe the nerves and protect the stomach lining. Grass-fed,…

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